Each one of our collections is inspired by our travels across the world with our Founders: Crasqi Sisters. 

Our latest collection takes inspiration from the colors, patterns and culture of OAXACA, Mexico. Crasqi Sisters travelled to this magical región and were captivated by the expressions of art and creativity that can be seen everywhere. From the Alebrijes, which are mythological characters painted in colors, to the carpets, the pottery and the textile work, OAXACA is full of treasures waiting to be discovered. They got immersed in the culture and came up with our most vibrant and diverse collection yet. 

Each one of these shorts is a piece of art and they’re limited edition, so only a few people in the planet will ever get to wear one of these special pieces. They are named after our favorite beaches and destinations in OAXACA all of which are part of our #CrasqiBucketList